Afrogem City Quest Terms & Conditions

AFROGEM City Quest 2023

Terms and & Conditions

The competition is open to everyone, everywhere! 

Prize winners will be announced in the week following the last posting from each quest photoshoot.

No amendments can be made to prizes, unless: 

The winner lives abroad but has an upcoming holiday in Cape Town   
          where they will be able to redeem their prize, in which case the six (6)
          month validity of the prize voucher will be changed to fall over the period
          of their holiday.

    3.2 The winner lives abroad and cannot redeem their prize at all, in which
          case the prize voucher will be converted into Afrogem jewellery voucher
          of the same value to be used within the same six (6) month period.

4. Prizes are limited to the activity voucher only and exclude all travel to the prize location and any accommodation at the prize location.

5. All winners agree that Afrogem, their agents, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, and representatives are not responsible for any death, illness, injury, loss or damage of any kind sustained by any person while participating in any competition related activities, caused in any manner whatsoever