Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but any woman worth her salt has a couple of other jewels that she goes steady with. Your engagement ring is possibly the dearest piece you’ll wear in your life so its style should be chosen with care.

Pick an engagement ring that delights you so you can gaze upon it fondly every day. It’s a symbol of the love you share with your partner so shop around and consider a fair amount of options before settling on the right one.

Diamonds are traditional. But a woman’s engagement ring should reflect her personality, and although we change over time, every woman has some fixed defining character traits. Here are some engagement ring suggestions to suit your kind of phenomenal woman:


Classical Engagement Ring

Diamond and White Gold Engagement Ring

The woman who embodies the classical is steady and classy. She loves a well cut Chanel suit and the red soles of a pair of Christian Louboutins. Look for an engagement ring that will endure in style, the same way she does.

A round brilliant cut diamond in a traditional gold or white gold setting will suit the classical woman perfectly. Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular for engagement rings as they have 58 facets for light to bounce off of, making for the most generous sparkle.


Quirky Engagement Ring. 

Citrine Cabochon and White Gold Engagement Ring.

The Quirky Woman lives in her own fantastical world, disinterested in modern trends. For Miss, well soon to be Mrs. Quirky a vintage ring is perfect. It has the timeless style of a bygone era and she can be sure that no one else will have a love and an engagement ring like hers.

The Art Deco period from jazzy 1920s gave rise to some stylishly complex rings with gracious lines. Think the splendour of The Great Gatsby. Engagement rings from the Edwardian period (La Belle Époque) are known for intimate filigree details, while Victorian engagement rings are full-on romance with hearts, floral patterns and lovebirds featuring in ring design.

These types of vintage rings are hard to come by, but if you see something you know she’ll love while trawling Pinterest, bring the pic to Afrogem. One of our experienced goldsmiths would be delighted to recreate it for you.


Bold Engagement Ring

Aquamarine and White Gold Engagement Ring

Bold women are often mistaken for show-offs but surely, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Right? These women are striking, powerful and hard to miss in a crowd.

A large diamond will reflect her bold personality the best. As legendary actress and jewellery connoisseur Elizabeth Taylor put it, “Big girls need big diamonds.”

A grand princess cut ring has several corner facets that reflect light intensely. And nothing draws attention to your lovely hands like a princess cut solitaire. Ladylike, romantic and stark it is the perfect choice for the bold woman. The clarity of a polished Aquamarine is another great choice for the bold woman, should you love a bold lady yet not have the pocket for the three carats she’ll need to make her say yes.


Rebellious Engagement Ring

Tanzanite and Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The Rebel woman bucks the trend. While other women may want diamonds, The Rebel will be more impressed by your imaginative choice of a coloured gemstone. Princess Diana chose a Sapphire engagement ring, whereas emeralds were known to be a favourite of Cleopatra. Like them, The Rebel is one of the daring women of history.

Tanzanite is perfect for her as the stone comes from a small strip of land at the foothills of the Kilimanjaro. They are about 1000 times rarer than diamonds and with their shades of purple, violet and blue are exceptionally alluring. Their out of the ordinary colour pairs them fantastically well with the warm tones of rose gold for an unforgettable engagement ring.

If your Rebel woman has a wild hippy soul, consider an unpolished precious stone.


Mysterious Engagement Ring

Peridot and Silver Engagement Ring

Not all women covet jewels. Our mysterious woman values subtlety. In a modern twist and a show of affinity she may desire a ring that looks quite similar to her groom’s simple band. For contrast it might be nice for him to have a gold band while you have a delicate silver engagement ring. A silver band can be minimalistic while possessing small details that stop it from being plain. A private quote engraved or initials on the inside of the ring is incredibly romantic. And embossing on the face of the band can bring some charm and design to the engagement ring as well.

Expert tip: If you have shorter fingers try on elongated styles such as a pear, oval, or marquise cut gemstone, and avoid wide bands that could make your fingers look even shorter. If you have larger hands to bring more proportion and delicacy to them try a heart, cushion or round cut diamond.

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