I popped into the showroom last week and discovered some new additions to Afrogem collection. My favourites are these gorgeous aquamarine, sterling silver and cubic rings. I can’t decide if the design is modern or vintage. Perhaps it’s both.

The rings are perfect for a woman like me who is in love with these sea blue crystals but doesn’t have Jessica Biel’s bank balance. The star, a March-born creature so it’s no surprise, has been pretty vocal about her love of the stone.

We’ve looked at various aspects of these gemstones here and here. But these beauties have inspired me to take a look at some of the more esoteric benefits of owning an aquamarine. Whether you choose to believe is entirely up to you.

A Gemstone for Communication

For centuries, people have used the crystalline powers of gemstones for healing, both the physical and matters of the heart. Aquamarines are imbued with the powers of water and of the colour blue, and are considered powerful stones for the throat chakra. They are excellent stones for anyone involved in public speaking, as they can help overcome the anxiety most of us, with the exception of Barack Obama, feel when getting up onto a podium to address a crowd. They’re also thought to enhance intellectual reasoning, and emit a compassionate energy, promoting tolerance. Perhaps everyone at the U.N. should wear an aquamarine in order to bring about world peace.

Healing Energy

Aquamarine has long been considered a stone for breath, so is used for healing respiratory tract infections and the lungs.  I’ve also read it’s effective for hay fever, which plagues so many Capetonians in spring. Next time you’re hit with a pollen count that makes you sneeze, reach for an aquamarine instead of the antihistamines. Our sparkling prescription won’t make you drowsy.

Emotional Healing

Aquamarine is a water element gemstone. As with all water elements, aquamarine is great for detoxifying the emotions. It can bring harmony into the home by opening up paths of communication. Plus, it’s long been thought that aquamarines absorb the atmosphere of young love, so place one under your pillow to keep your romantic relationship constant.

Believe it? I’m not sure I do, but that’s not going to stop me slipping one of these beautiful rings onto my finger. And neither is the price. For more information contact Afrogem.