Image by Jason Bagley (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Vuvuzela Man on Stilts by Jason Bagley (CC BY-SA 2.0)


South Africans love a good honk on a vuvuzela, as football fans from all over the globe discovered in 2010 when we hosted the World Cup. The unique sound they make – like the mating call of Nguni cattle – can be heard miles from any stadium on match day. However, you can’t blow your vuvuzela all the time, no matter how much you might want to. So, we’ve come up with five ways to use your vuvuzela without waking up the neighbours.

  1. Vuvuzelas make great funnels. The length and tapering width of a vuvuzela makes it the perfect funnel for both liquids and fine dry goods like rice or flour. Keep one in your kitchen, and another one in the boot of your car in case you run out of petrol.
  2. A vuvuzela can be the ultimate romantic gesture. Show your partner you love her as much as you love the beautiful game. Present her with a vuvuzela filled with long-stemmed roses. This will signal that you take your relationship seriously enough to want to share your interests, while telling her that you appreciate her needs too.
  3. Do you wish you had a kitchen garden to rival a celebrity chef’s, but live in a tiny apartment with no garden? Fill vuvuzelas with potting soil and plant a different herb in each one. Their roots will love the length of the vuvuzela and your herbs will flourish. Hang the vuvuzelas on the wall outside your kitchen or on your balcony and voila: a vuvuzela kitchen garden. Tip: throw in a marble before filling it to stop the soil falling out the bottom.
  4. Vuvuzelas are handy for DIY projects too. Make a beautiful festive table using vuvuzelas for the legs, or a bookshelf using them as struts to hold up the shelves.
  5. Create a bright and colourful chandelier using vuvuzelas. The trumpet shape creates the perfect shade for a bulb while the durable plastic stem acts as a safe conduit for the electric wires.

Factoid: Blowing on a vuvuzela produces a long B flat note. #SouthAfricanCulture


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