Rose Gold Cape Sunset

In 1966, we began our journey to becoming South Africa’s leading jewellery experience. As we enter our fiftieth year in business, we’ve paused to reflect on our role in the South African jewellery industry and the contribution we’ve made to our beautiful country.

Innovation is key to Afrogem’s ethos. We were the first company to open our factory to the public so that our clients could see just what goes in to creating the jewellery in our showroom. We’ve remained at the top of our game with a luxurious fabrication tour that educates and informs.

We’ve grown into the company we are today by reaching for the sky, but we’ve ensured our feet remain firmly rooted in our history. Every artisan we employ, from our goldsmiths to our polishers, can trace their lineage to the skilled Malay gold- and silversmiths that came to the peninsula in the sixteenth century. They established a community below Signal Hill and the colourful and thriving district of Bo-Kaap remains famous for its creativity and passion to this day.

Any celebration of our uniquely South African history would not be complete without a look at what makes our country unlike any other. Over the next weeks, we’ll be sharing a few of our favourite things, from our food to our heroes, with you. We hope you’ll join us in saluting that which makes our nation distinctive, quirky, special and truly South African.

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