Congratulations on the milestone you and your partner are celebrating. Love conquers all! An anniversary gift can take on many different forms, but jewellery is always a winner. A precious piece is bound to impress and makes for a beautiful expression of love. Here are some ideas for surprising your special someone on your next anniversary.



Tutti Frutti Southern Cross Pendant. For more information call Afrogem.


South Africa is rich in gold, so it makes a great local gift. Johannesburg, where much of it is mined, is even called Egoli, meaning “Place of Gold” in isiZulu. A 24-carat gold pendant is very stylish when worn on a matching chain and can be personalised quite easily. For an anniversary gift, have the first letter of your love’s name crafted in gold. Alternatively, a symbol of great meaning to the both of you could be wrought in gold for the occasion. Traditionally, gold was given on the 50th anniversary. As people seldom marry young these days, you may as well go for gold when the inspiration grabs you.


Diamonds really are forever. They have a timeless elegance and have adorned women as far back as the 4th century BC. South African diamonds are highly desirable. Our mines have been giving birth to internationally renowned diamonds since the 19th century, with the Cullinan Diamond being the most famous. While your bank account may not be as flush as the British royal family’s, an exquisite diamond pendant is within reach of most budgets.

A diamond pendant is a statement piece that will catch everyone’s eye. As it’s worn in a prominent place on the body, it will illuminate and flatter the face and décolletage of the wearer.  Cut, carat weight, clarity and colour are all to be considered when picking out a pendant. Luckily, diamonds come in different shapes and sizes. Select a stone to suit your preferences.

If you’re unsure, go for a solitaire diamond pendant. It’s made up of just one fabulous stone, is sophisticated, sparkly and versatile. The style can accommodate a range of budgets, so it’s ideal for a 1st-anniversary gift – because let’s be honest, who wants a gift made of paper or plastic? – and the 10th-anniversary gift, though you might want to express a decade of love with something more than a solitary diamond. See below.Precious and Semi-precious Gemstones

One doesn’t need to restrict oneself when giving a pendant. There’s a rainbow of sparklings gems to choose from, from the dramatic London Blue Topaz to the subtle allure of Champagne Citrine. For those of you who love tradition, think peridot for a 1st-anniversary pendant, ruby for a 40th. Star-crossed lovers might appease the fates and alter destiny by gifting a unique Southern Cross pendant, only available from Afrogem.


Put a Ring On It

Black and white diamond rings and eternity rings. Call Afrogem for more information. 

Gemstone Rings

There’s a reason why Beyoncé said, “If you liked it you shoulda put a ring on it.” Rings make a big impact and they don’t have to include diamonds to do it. Gemstone rings have other precious stones as their centerpiece and there are many to choose from. Tanzanite, combined with South African gold, keeps the gift uniquely African. Emeralds, rubies, aquamarines and sapphires are other popular choices. Semi-precious gems are just as alluring. Think topaz, citrine, amethyst and the ever classical garnet.

Gemstone rings set your lover apart.  Their colour or the stone’s esoteric attributes can reflect personality. Each precious stone corresponds to a birth month. For example, those born in February have purple amethyst as their birthstone. Choosing a gemstone ring to match your paramour’s birth month shows loving attentiveness. They’ll appreciate the personal touch.

Plain or Decorative Bands

Whilst it might have been de rigueur in the 1950s for men to give their wives anniversary gifts, modern couples no longer subscribe to gender roles in the same way. Metal bands like silver and gold are great unisex gifts, while titanium, copper and brushed steel are bold and edgy.  These types of rings are easy to inscribe. An adept jeweller can create decorative inscriptions on the outside of the rings. Pick a line from your favourite poem. Or keep it simple and just etch in the date you met.

Eternity Ring

The first eternity rings (sometimes known as infinity rings) were worn by the Egyptians 4000 years ago. Back then, the ring was emblematic of eternal life or the circular nature of life. The eternity ring is comprised of a band made of a precious metal, like gold or platinum, with a continuous sequence of identically cut gemstones all the way around it. Eternity rings are rich in meaning. The continuous ring of gems, often diamonds, has become a modern symbol of endless love. For a modern look, think black diamonds instead of white, or a combination of the two.

If the wearer is uncomfortable with jewels all the way around the finger, then half eternity rings are a popular alternative. With these, the jewels are only fitted on half the band, the semicircle that is most visible. Both variations look very graceful and are the perfect way to celebrate a big anniversary, like your 10th.




Tanzanite and White Gold Bracelets. Call Afrogem for more information.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets get their name from a famous accident on court. In 1987 champion Chrissie Evert’s diamond bracelet snapped while she was playing in the US Open. She asked that play be stopped until the bracelet had been found. Since then, bracelets of this style have been known as tennis bracelets, although today they have far stronger clasps!

These bracelets are a classic piece of jewellery and compliment the delicate wrist of the wearer. They consist of a line of small uniform gemstones set all the way around in flexible precious metal links. This makes tennis bracelets perfect for both night and day wear as they aren’t too flashy and are comfortable to wear.

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets don’t end with tennis bracelets. There are many dazzling and unconventional styles that can be gifted. This is where the individuality of your woman can really shine. Have a look at the jewellery she currently wears, or note any pieces she shows interest in. Incorporate elements from them into a custom design. A consultation with Afrogem can help you decide on a fine show-stopping bracelet or set of stackable diamond bangles for an extra special anniversary gift.

Tanzanite Bracelets

Tanzanite is found in only one place in the world, the Meralani Mine in Tanzania. This makes Tanzanite incredibly rare, and it been has named the gemstone of a single generation. Expressing your love with a Tanzanite bracelet sends a message that you think your beau is unique, rare and exceptionally beautiful. It’s a wonderful anniversary gift. Its rarity also makes it a great heirloom, ensuring your love will live on long after you’re gone.

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